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Zhejiang huashuo technology co., LTD. Is mainly engaged in the design and manufacture of high and high precision injection moulds, die-casting moulds and their products. Is the first member of the ningbo mould association and the director enterprise. The company is located in the beilun science park of ningbo city, near the port of beilun, only 25 kilometers away from ningbo city, convenient transportation and superior geographical location. The company has a total area of about 18,000 square square meters of moutan shan road no. 518, and the two factories, such as 9 longtan mountain road, which covers an area of about 14,000 square meters.

The building area of the company is about 34,000 square meters, and the design and layout are strictly according to the needs of modern management and development. To meet the needs of efficient, high quality production, the company is equipped with more than 90 various types of imported machining center, CNC lathe, precision nc cars, milling, edm, line cutting processing equipment more than 40 units, 180 t - 1250 tons of die casting machine more than 40 units, 80t - 800t injection molding machine more than 20 units, and continue from the United States, Japan, Germany, the introduction of advanced mechanical processing equipment, to learn advanced technology and management experience, the implementation of technical renovation, to continuously improve product quality and design, processing capacity.

Office facilities, information management network, with advanced design concepts, production technology and processing equipment, and has hired several German experts to our design team of professional guidance, engineering and technical personnel, to promote our company in the mold design, precision die-casting and finish machining technology have improved, for customers to provide quality products has laid a solid foundation.

Company has a technology research and development center, production department, qc department, hr department, sales department, material control department functional departments, such as the production has a mould workshop, die-casting workshop, injection workshop, CNC after finishing workshop, machining workshop, the main advanced processing equipment is as follows: mold development center now has respectively made in Japan makino, high-speed processing center, Taiwan KAFO produced in Japan makino, Taiwan celebrates the hon high precision wire cutting machine, Beijing archie put CNC wire cutting machine and Taiwan beauty creek, Beijing archie shire numerical control discharge machine, at the same time equipped with 110 tons and 260 tons of clamping machine and high precision grinding machine and precision of three coordinates measuring equipment, etc. The die-casting workshop has more than 40 sets of products from Switzerland, Japan, Toshiba, Taiwan aluminum, the force of the cold chamber die-casting machine (180T to 1250T) and the hot chamber die-casting machine. The CNC finishing workshop is equipped with many production from KIRA LGMazak, FANUC, BROTHERs high speed machining center and a considerable number of CNC lathe, and the injection molding workshop has more than 20 injection molding machines (80T to 800T). In addition in the aspect of quality control, the company has purchased the spectrometer imported from Germany, high precision of three coordinates measuring instrument, precision optical projector, high precision secondary image measuring instrument, X-ray flaw detector, the profile of a meter, roughness tester, intelligent salt spray testing machine, PH PH meter, coating thickness gauge, 2 d altimeter, electronic universal testing machine and all kinds of mechanical properties such as hardness tester, electronic torsion meter test equipment.

Huashuo company has introduced ISO/TS16949 quality system certification since 2006, and imported ISO14001 environmental management system certification in 2008. Always adhere to: "everyone checks, layers of control, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction" the quality policy, to "quality products, timely delivery and reasonable price" as the guide, wholeheartedly provide customers with quality services.

HuaShuo company to "people-oriented, technology first, market as the guide, management for real" for the purpose, to strengthen the process of enterprise technical transformation, also pay attention to their own process reengineering, further perfect the management system, go the way of scientific management, gradually get rid of the bottleneck restriction of corporation management. Based on safe production, environmental pollution should be eliminated, social benefits should be paid attention to, and international and domestic market should be further developed to make due contributions to the development of local economy.

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